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Artisan Roasted, Ethically Sourced.

A Memorable Experience, Cup After Cup.

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Coffee is a labour of love- one full of robust and complex nuances of flavour.

We offer organic coffee, artisan roasted in small batches.

We taste the coffee as we roast it, so you can trust you’ll be getting exceptional flavour with each sip. We know the quality of coffee starts at the raw source, and this is why we only source organic beans, produced on farms that prioritize fair working conditions and wages.

We want to share our passion for high-quality coffee.

Connecting with our guests at our roastery in Newmarket, as well as collaborating with local café owners, we are invested in raising the bar for the artisan coffee community.

We proudly partner with small business owners, customizing our coffee packaging to fit with their brand. We also offer personalized wedding favours and gifts for special occasions.

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Meet the Roaster, Meagan!

Coffee is a conversation starter; it’s a relationship builder. It’s an authentic experience many share and one I have grown to deeply appreciate. Connecting with my community is one of my favorite parts about being an independent roaster. My growth and passion stems from these connections and experiences that inspire me to continue to learn the craft of coffee roasting.

Together, my dad and I would roast coffee in our backyard on a small roaster, always striving to create the perfect cup for our family-owned cafes. Now, as a 2nd generation coffee roaster, I continue to roast our single origin beans and blends at the roastery today.

Friends now call me "The Coffee Chick." Not just because I can lift that bucket of raw beans into the hopper, but because I am passionate about the business and value the extraordinary attention to detail manifested in every harvest to raise the bar for specialty coffee and culture.